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​A little bit about myself. I love living my life in the center of Canada! That is the friendly city of Winnipeg. I enjoy my current career of working with and supporting aging adults at a personal care home. Not only have I been blessed with a fulfilling career, but I have been happily married to my childhood sweetheart for over 40 years. Together we have raised a beautiful family including a few grandchildren that keep us busy. My life consists of lots of action, relationships, fun, and cooking! My clan loves to eat, and I love to cook! It is a match made in heaven! Besides cooking and baking, my free time is spent enjoying time with family and friends, travelling, and immersing myself in captivating reading material.


  • Communicate your ideas to your clients in an engaging and professional manner.

  • Educate your clients about your products and services.

  • Provide evidence-based health content.

  • Provide timely and reliable service.

  • Free up some of your valuable time.

  • Inspire and motivate your readers with innovative ideas.


My nursing experience covers a lot of territory which brings a vast amount of knowledge to my writing and communication.

  • Acute care - adult surgical, neonatal intensive care, emergency, rural hospitals

  • Community - Home Care, northern nursing stations

  • Corporate - educator for an international medical devices company

  • Geriatric - Personal Care Home Resident Care Manager and Assistant Director of Care

My varied career choices as a registered nurse provides a broad and unique knowledge base to draw upon as a writer. My understanding of both the providers' and the consumers' perspective will benefit your audience.

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